Sunday School Youth Schedule - Sept-Dec 2016

7th- 12th GradeTeacherTopicSpecific LessonsOther Activities


September 18MartyIntroduction to Confirm not ConformRules of the road, Confirm not Conform 

September 25AndrewIntroductioncontinuedMatrix - Red pill/blue pill; Hand prayer 

October 2AndrewWhere do you standMake folders; Where do you start/what do you believe 

October 9MartyThe Gospel According to whomWhere do you stand; The gospel according to you 

October 16Andrew/KathyMeet your mentorWhat to pack; discussion 

October 23MartyHeretics R usWhat is heresy; Jesus the heretic 

October 30MartyHeretics R usPick your favorite heretic; profiles in heresy; Power of choiceOct 28 - Pumpkin Carving at Kathy & Fran Moyer

November 6MartyScripture: A mad dash through a good bookSearching for a story, Mad dash through gd bk; Finding your way around  

November 13AndrewScripture: A mad dash through a good bookWhat a revelation; I'd like to introduce … 

November 20All groups combined   

November 27No Sunday School   

December 4Christmas Pageant Practice  

December 11Christmas Pageant Practice Sat Dec 10 Wrap Christmas presents

December 18Christmas pageant practice Emmaus House/ Varsity

December 25No Sunday SchoolChristmas Day  

Parent-Student Letter

September 18, 2016


Dear Students and parents:

This year we will be using a modified version of the Confirm Not Conform (CnC) curriculum. The full curriculum requires a significant investment of time, talent and treasure of all the participants including students, parents, teachers and the faith community. Being that St Michaels is in a time of transition and does not have pastoral leadership; I do not think the full program is feasible.   I am hopeful that the students will find this curriculum more engaging than our previous curriculum.

One component of this program is for the students to have a non-parent mentor.  There a few lessons that require the mentor take part in the lesson.  Kathy and I have discussed using the adults in the Adult Sunday School as the mentors.  If a parent is in that class, he/she would not be paired with their own child.

I have asked Muriel to post the 41 page Parent/Mentor handbook on the website so you can refer to it to get a better sense of what the full CnC process involves.  She will post it under “News” and then in the Youth drop down box.

I know everyone was not able to attend the Student/Parent/Teacher meeting held in July.  Minutes from that meeting can be found under the “News” section of the website. One thing we discussed during that meeting is having a different student/family sign up to plan an outside activity each month.  Kathy and Fran Moyer will be hosting a pumpkin carving party and Chip and I will coordinate our annual trip to Emmaus House and the Varsity.  Other dates for 2017 are listed with the minutes.  Please pick a month to be responsible for planning an activity and let me know so I can have Muriel place it on the calendar. This activity can be as easy as picking a date to host movie watching or a walk to Stone Mountain or as elaborate as you want it to be.  This will allow the students to be involved in planning and carrying out the activity.

This year Andrew Tetteh and I will be the primary teachers of the CnC curriculum.  Letty Cuence and Julia Bottin have volunteered to help on an occasional basis as their schedules allow.

I am praying that we have a successful year and at the end each student can decide if he/she would like to be confirmed.


Marty Frame


Fall 2016 Sunday School Plans

Minutes Student/Parent/Teacher Sunday School Meeting

Sunday, July 31, 2016  


1.       Class Ages:  We will have four Sunday School groups: 2 yrs – 1st grade, 2nd grade- 6th grade, 7th grade – 12thgrade. Sudanese

2.       Teachers: We have two teachers for each group -Marvis Black &  Leslyn Weeks for the youngest group;  Dawn Charles &  William George for the younger youth; Marty Frame &  Andrew Tetteh for the older youth;  Kathy Moyerwith alternating help from Dawn Marie, BrownieSway, Liz Millington, Marty Frame & Magnia George for the Sudanese.

a.       Curriculum: for the youngest group and the Sudanese we will use Bible story/Video/Discussion/Activity format; For the younger youth we will use the same curriculum as last year, Living the Good News; For the older youth we will use, Confirm not Conform which  includes sessions on scripture, church history, the Nicene Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, worship, world religions and social justice.  This curriculum includes discussion of the Book of Common Prayer, meaning of the sacraments, the Church year and ministry of the baptized.  We will let the students help choose the topics they feel most relevant to them and try to schedule these lessons on days when most students will be present.  At the first session the students and parents will look ahead at their schedule for the first semester and list the weekends they may have conflicts with Sunday school time.  Kathy M to purchase an erasable calendar to assist with planning and each teacher will make up a schedule for their class on the topics and activities so parents/ students can be prepared.   At the endof year the students will have the information they need for confirmation but it will be up to the studentif they want to be confirmed when the Bishop is at SMAA,  later in the year at the Cathedral or at some time in the future.

3.       Communications;  We will use the calendar as described above to assist with communication.  Teachers will also post information on the SMAA website.  Kathy to find out if only she can post or everyone can post information.  We will also continue to use Group me app for the teachers and the Message Me app for communication with students and parents.  We decided that anytime to message would be OK.

4.       First day of Sunday school: We originally planned that Sept 11, the first Sunday after Labor Day, would be our first class, but since that weekend is also the Women’s retreat weekend, we changed the start date to Sept 18.

5.        Additional Activities: Each quarter we want to schedule one integrated group activity.  We originally planned a song to be presented during the service on Sept 25, but since we are pushing back our start date we will hold on this activity until 2017.  We will haveAdvent wreath making – Nov 20

6.       Christmas Pageant – Dawn, Anya and Leslyn will coordinate.  The older youth volunteered to write the program.  They need to determine a date to have the program written by.  They will rehearse on Sunday Dec 4, 11 and 18 during the Sunday school hour and in the evenings on Dec 22 and 23 as necessary.  Since the students will be using the Sunday school time to rehearse we will wrap Christmas presents for Emmaus house on Saturday, Dec 11 at a time to be determined.  We will deliver the gifts to Emmaus House on Sunday Dec 18.

7.       Monthly outside activity: We would like to have one outside activity each month.  This could be a service project, educational opportunity or fun activity.  We want students and/or families to sign up and plan an activity for one of the months.  See the attached signup sheet.   If money is required for the activity,  letMarty know and we will ask the vestry.

8.       Diocesan Activities

                                                              i.      Aug. 6 – Youth Workers Conference – This is available to all the teachers.  Let Marty know ASAP if you want to attend

                                                            ii.      Aug 27 -  Youth Service day retreat – Breanna and Allison attended last year.  The day is a combination of developing leadership skills for service projects and performing projects.  Let Marty know by Aug 15 if you would like to attend.  Marty can attend and drive the students

                                                          iii.       Sept 10 - Acolyte Festival – conflict with Women’s retreat weekend

                                                           iv.      New Beginnings/ Happenings – Marty to find out more about the dates

9.       Fund raiser Breakfast Sunday, Aug 28 – Breanna, Serena and Allison to take the lead on this project.  They will plan the menu, advertise, make announcements at church and have Muriel place the information in the Sunday Bulletin and blast.  Both the younger and older youth groups will help prepare and serve the breakfast





Outside Activity Sign up


Month                                                  Activity                                                                Volunteer


1.       Sept. 17                                       Beginning of year party


2.       Oct 29                                           Pumpkin Making Party                  Fran & Kathy Moyer


3.       Nov


4.       Dec 18                                           Nicholas House/Varsity                                Chip & Marty Frame


5.       Jan.


6.       Feb


7.       March 13                                     Hunger Walk                                     Chip & Marty Frame


8.       April


9.       May


10.   June 2 & 3                                   Camping Trip


Diocesan Rafting Trip in Helen, GA - Wednesday, June 1st

We will leave the church at 8:15 AM and return 5:00 PM. Cost is $20 per person which includes lunch, tubing and tee shirt. Please RSVP to Marty Frame by May 23

Parish Camping Trip to Stone Mountain Park;  Friday, June 3 - Saturday,June 4. 

We had a great time last year and hope for a repeat of good weather and fellowship this year.  All parishioners young and old are welcome!  If you don't want to camp join us for dinner and fun around the campfire.  We know from our recent parish retreat we like campfires and s'mores.  For planning purposes, please RSVP to Marty Frame at by Monday May 30 if you plan to attend any part of the weekend, how many people will attend, if you have a tent and how many it sleeps.  Each camper will need to bring some food for one of the meals.  We will decide what based on the numbers attending.  You will also need a pillow, blanket or sleeping bag and a flashlight. If you have questions, contact Marty.