One of the characteristics of Christian Community is to love one another. here are many opportunities TO EXPRESS CHRISTIAN LOVE.


Parish Care includes the following:

Parish Providers – Individuals stand ready to prepare and deliver a meal to households undergoing major transitions—the birth of a child, a serious illness or death.
Prayer Shawl Ministry – Individuals who knit a simple shawl while praying for the needs to those asking for our prayers.  The shawls are then given to those for whom we pray as an outward and visible sign of our prayers for their well-being.
Home Communion Ministry – Individuals are trained to bring the sacrament of Christ and the love of the congregation to those who are unable to attend services.

Faustina Ward-Osborne - Parish Care Coordinator.


Welcoming & Hospitality

Welcomers – At both morning services, volunteers welcome visitors and newcomers, invite them to fill out visitors cards, show them how to sign up for a name tag or to begin receiving our E newsletter, and accompany them, if desired, to Christian Formation classes or coffee hour.  Newcomer desserts or other gatherings are held every few months for newcomers and old timers to get to know each other better and to learn more about about St. Michael’s and hear about upcoming events.
Elizabeth Millington - Newcomers Coordinator.

Hospitality – Devotedly preparing refreshments to enjoy together after the second morning service is perhaps the most obvious gift of these volunteers. In addition, they organize and help prepare for a myriad of parish meals associated with holidays. More information is can be found by here.
Michelle Porter - Hospitality Coordinator.



Tending our Place – Volunteers work in groups, pairs or individually to maintain our gardens, change light bulbs, perform minor repairs and improvements and solve problems.  This work is a labor of ingenuity and occasionally expertise!
Anthony Garner - Buildings and Grounds Coordinator.

Sharing our Time, Talent and Treasure – A group works together each year to creatively invite all of us to share a portion of our treasure for the up-building of Christ’s work through St. Michael’s. A pledge campaign is undertaken in the fall. A “fair” is often given in the early fall to let people know first hand about the many ways their time and talents can support our ministries.

Administration – Whether it’s occasional light office tasks or helping with special projects, many hands make light labor and give our office staff much appreciated assistance.



From nursery age to our senior years, many are the opportunities to grow in our knowledge and faith.  Teaching Sunday school to children or youth, helping our Sudanese parishioners with a multi-age children’s program, leading a week-day prayer group or Bible study are some of the many ways we can invite and guide each other to deeper sense of our callings as Christians.
Arlean Golden - Christian Formation Coordinator.



To serve in worship: Serving in Worship.

To serve outside of the church: Outreach.